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Welcome to Air-Ship Radio!

Prototype Episode

Wherein we present our VERY FIRST attempt to produce a rough draft version of the brodcast. 


May not be suitable for people with sophistication and, or intelligance  

Hearing protection strongly recommended.



Episode One:

'Airship Al'

Wherein we discuss the mystique of the dirigible airship, learn of LTA activities in Satakunta, Speak with 'Airship Al' Gross, outline the format of future episodes of Air-Ship Radio, and sign off for the evening.


Episode Two:

Trevor Monk

Wherein we attempt to out-smart Zeppelfahrt, introduce Mr. Trevor Monk, our new UK Bureau Chief, contemplate umbrells stands, deal with cantankerous motors over Belgium, recognize & thank our friends, and sign-off for the evening.


Episode Three:

Douglas H. Robinson & Chris Fenger

Wherein we beat against the wind, announce the first (and only) winner of 'Out-Smart Zeppelfahrt', dabble briefly in cryptozoology, reminisce  with Chris Fenger about an old friend, and sign-off for the evening.


Episode Four:

Ron Hochstettler

Wherein we drift aimlessly over Lake Constance, make trite comments regarding an aerial icon, venture forth into the Arctic with Ron Hochstettler, consider 'postage stamps' in Bedfordshire, thank our audience, and sign-off for the evening.,


Episode Five:

Wherein we change our format, catch more than expected while on a fiship boat, mention some names you have likely never heard before, consider the image of a girl, and sign-off forever.


Concerning the art, science, history and philosophical implications

of lighter-than-air navigation