Episode Two

Young Mr. Warneford Shoots down a German Army Dirigible over belgium.

R.A.J. Warneford can be seen here  

R.A.J. Warneford was 24 years old when he died in 1915.  One week before he died, he killed lots of Germans when he shot down thier dirigigle over Ghent, Belgium.  The dirigible crashed on a convent downtown so, like the Germans, the Belgins were upset too.  The British and the French were happy because none of their people were killed and no dirigibles crashed in any of their cities.  The British, however, were upset the following week when Airman Warneford was killed whilst flying an aeroplane one morning having just spent an entertaining evening with the young wife of a wealthy parisian gentelman.  Both the gentelman and his young wife were upset about all of these goings on, but apart from them, the French didn't much care.

Here you can see the dirigible falling from on high in ruin