Episode 3 

Dr. Douglas H. Robinson

With special guest, Chris Fenger


    Dr. Douglas H. Robinson      





Chris Fenger (wearing sunglasses) on his way to buy crabs in Maryland.














Dr. Robinson (wearing hat) at Van Zandt Airfield.


Dr. Robinson (sitting) in his office, and ZR-1 USS Shenandoah model (hanging)built by Chris Fenger.












Dr. Robinson (as I remember him) at NAS Lakehurst, 1971.




Dr. Robinson's Shenandoah (is still hanging in Bill Althoff's house) today.

Correction from Chris Fenger:

"The ZR-1 model I have hanging in my study (below) is not the one I built for DHR, it's my own.

The one I built for DHR is in the hands of Bill Althoff."